The Sparklet Series is a new approach to home lighting – neon. Neon, only used for advertising or in commercial art in the past, makes a subtle, funny reference, seen over a dining room table. It shows that you don’t really care about wearing white after labor day or about what’s appropriate business casual attire. The form of the Sparklet is also unexpected and spontaneous, and makes light feel fluid and interesting from all angles. The piece makes a reference to the image left in our minds when, as a kid, we played with sparklers during the summer. It gives a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, even without the awesome punchy colors of light. And, it lasts just as long as an LED.
Featured on YankoDesign , MocoLoco , Designspiration , SohoMod
Process - heating glass preparing to bend
Waiting for tubes to cool
Preparing to vacuum, fill and seal tubes
Images for renderings taken from,,,
Neon bent at Brooklyn Glass -
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