The ANYWHERE SYSTEM is now the easiest way to hang a curtain.

This system was designed to work for every hard-to-install area that you've ever encountered.
Rentals where you’re not allowed to drill, studios where you want more privacy or dorm rooms where you need to divide a space.
There's no wall damage, no tools and it sets up in under 20 minutes.
It is height and width adjustable making it customizable for any standard or irregular space. It works just like a normal drapery rod or even as a room divider.

No Tools Required
Height & Width Adjustable
Friends, family members and strangers all approached me with the same problem: they lived in an apartment building or condominium where they were not allowed or were unable to drill into the walls. All of these users wanted drapery for added privacy, light control and a softer aesthetic.

People spoke about having concrete walls and ceilings, having air ducts right above their windows or having emergency sprinkler systems right near their windows. These all made installing traditional drapery brackets, to cover windows or to use as a room divider, impossible or very difficult. Many people in rentals didn't want to have drill into their walls at all. Users complained about rolling blinds that came with the apartment that were not blackout and the sunlight that woke them up every morning.

Product is versatile, easy to use and clean-looking aesthetically. Can be purchased by many types of users, even though it was designed with a specific user group in mind (apartment/condo dwellers, 25-35 years). Solves a problem in many cities and countries around the world. Appeals to college students (room divider and window covering). Appeals to tool-adverse users.
This project was taken from initial sketch, to prototype, to manufacturing drawing, to sample, to final design.
The ANYWHERE ROD: Tension System is a fast, completely non-damaging way to hang curtains anywhere in your home. Targeted at apartment and condo dwellers, they act as both a window cover and a room divider.

This product can also alternatively be used for a photo backdrop or an instant projector screen.

Currently being sold in 2 SKUs: Nickel and white.
Designed by Dayna Mailach, Adrienna Matzeg and Laura Carwardine. 
Components designed by me include: overall concept and design (with 2 fellow designers), CAD and design for manufacturing of all tooled parts (in collaboration with manufacturing engineers and designers, including testing and prototyping), instruction manual, shot list and direction of video, copy of sales one-pager.

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